always a flaw // katniss & peeta


"Where is he? Where is he?!" Katniss demanded as she roughly grabbed onto Haymitch’s shirt then shook him back and forth violently, screaming pleads and demands in his face. The rebel soldiers on the rescue mission were back from the Capitol; and they brought back Johanna, Annie, and the one person Katniss had been itching to see for months with them. She just pushed Haymitch aside and practically ran down the multiple flights of stairs with Finnick by her side, grasping his hand tightly for support. His love had been returned to him, too, so he knew exactly how she felt. No one else did, however. "Let me see him!" she shouted at one of the guards standing at the hospital wing’s doors, just shaking her head then pushing past him too. She didn’t care who she hurt or upset; she just needed the boy with the bread.

"Peeta?!" she screamed shrilly as she looked around frantically over the white wave of doctor’s coats flooding the hallway, gasping when she felt Finnick’s hand leave her own all of a sudden. She started to reach out for him, but just furrowed her eyebrows when she saw him sprinting down the hall and to who she assumed was Annie Cresta. She barely caught a glimpse of them sobbing in each other’s arms before she continued her own trek. And then she caught it. The familiar glimpse of dirty blonde hair and innocent eyes. "PEETA!" she practically shrieked then just continued pushing roughly through the crowd of doctors, occasionally shoving a few into the wall, and only picked up speed when she saw him, sitting on a checkup table and appearing to be shaken up. No. No one would get close to him but her. No one would be allowed to ask anything of him. Only she would allow herself to fully be with Peeta for now.

Once she had reached him, she practically jumped into his arms, causing them both to fall to the floor. She was under him, however, so she had taken most of the fall, but she could care less right now. As long as he was in her arms, concealed like the pearl in her dresser, she could withstand any amount of pain. “Oh, Peeta…” she sobbed into his hair, her body trembling as she clutched him tightly. “Peeta…”


Bright flashes of light, murmured voices, and commotion in the hallway was all Peeta could comprehend at the moment. His knuckles were nearly white as he gripped the edge of the check-up table, his eyes surely wide in a slight panic. A part of him was relieved, of course, that he was out of the Capitol. But ever since his torture, he couldn’t help but be wary of the new setting he was currently being thrown into. What if there was danger here? What exactly did they plan on doing with him? Dumping him out somewhere with the rest of the tortured and corrupted ex-prisoners?

Then, there was the other thing that was on his mind. Katniss. While he was in the Capitol, they made sure he knew she was dead. Could it be true? Was the girl on fire he’d loved for so long actually gone? Becoming impatient, Peeta fought slightly against the nurses, desperate for answers. They held him down against his will, checking his vitals and other things, but all he could think about was finding out the truth — and if Katniss actually was in District Thirteen, he needed to see her. As if someone had heard his pleas, soon a shrill voice rang through the air that the boy would recognize anywhere. “Katniss,” he mumbled with a shaky voice, his eyes widening as she came into view.

Peeta felt as if he was in a dream when she suddenly threw herself into his arms, causing them both to land in the floor with him on top of her. The embrace surely appeared uncomfortable to anyone around them, the way the two clung together, but it didn’t matter to him. “K-Katniss.. Katniss,” he repeated, his face buried in her shoulder. His fingers clutched at her back, determined to never let her out of his arms again, even if it killed him.